Sforza family

/ˈsfɔtsə/ (say 'sfawtsuh)

noun a Milanese Renaissance family active in politics, warfare and art patronage.
1. Giacomuzzo /dʒakəˈmutsoʊ/ (say jahkuh'moohtsoh) or Muzio /ˈmutsioʊ/ (say 'moohtseeoh) (Giacomuzzo Attendolo), 1369–1424, Italian condottiere, founder of the dynasty.
2. his son, Francesco /frænˈtʃɛskoʊ/ (say fran'cheskoh), 1401–66, Italian condottiere, duke of Milan 1450–66.
3. Lodovico /loʊdoʊˈvikoʊ/ (say lohdoh'veekoh) (`the Moor'), 1451–1508, son of Francesco, duke of Milan 1494–1500; patron of Leonardo da Vinci.
{Italian: force; surname adopted by Giacomuzzo Attendolo}

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